Museum of East Anglian Life

Green Dragon Morris at MEAL's May Day celebrations

The Museum of East Anglian Life (MEAL) is a social enterprise sharing the story of East Anglian lives through historic buildings, collections and landscape. There are two distinct challenges that it will address through the Our Museum programme:


  • Deepening of community understanding of contemporary issues, which can be interrogated through the museum’s collections and Suffolk County archives. This will be achieved by building capacity so it can take a more activist and creative approach to the use of its collections and connect people to the issues which impact their lives, especially in rural areas where there is isolation and a lack of real and virtual connectivity.
  • Ensure that the participatory spirit of MEAL organisational culture is retained and shared/expanded as it co-creates the new Suffolk Heritage Trust with Suffolk County Council.


The Museum of East Anglian Life has been awarded £150,000.

Tony Butler (Director of MEAL) and Ruth Gillan (Suffolk Museums Project Officer who is also leading a mental health project at MEAL) talk about the impact they hope the Our Museum programme will have on MEAL's relationship with its communities (January 2012).

In the print workshop at the Museum of East Anglian Life

Come dine with me, food and the East Anglian landscape in the newly refurbished Abbot's Hall

Curator Lisa Harris leads a reminiscence session with the Alzheimers Society

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